Updates for Pathfinder e2 Playtest

the pathfinder e2 play test had an update (1.3) at 9/24/18  (1.4) at 10/8018 it changes some things in many classes, feats, skills, proficiencies, DCs and other things, the webpage (http://pf2playtest.opengamingnetwork.com/) its not updated, i think its should be update by the admins o let someone else update te webpage. 

some examples of the update:
The monk now has proficiencies with simple weapons and unnarmed, not only unarmed.
The wizard no has skills equal to 4 plus Int odifier intsead of 2 plus Int.

here is a link to de pdf with all the updates



  • There have been a lot of updates that need to be reflected in the SRD and the SRD layout is so rough in general that it's nearly unusable. Somebody needs to get on this.
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