Multiple Familiars?

So I'm really having a bad day trying to find where you are only limited to ONE familiar. I put first level into Witch to get a Sea Krait and would like to dip into Wizard to get another one. (I am playing Ursula from the Little Mermaid and these would be my Eels) My players insist that it is against the rules but I can't find anything that prohibits it. The only thing found has been this; "Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack for the purpose of determining any familiar abilities that depend on the master’s level."

Which I interpret as, when you get your second familiar, they all progress together and do not each grant the master additional benefits. It does not say, "instead of receiving a new familiar".

Can I please get some clarification on these rules, perhaps a paged quote on where they lie. What about having a second familiar is so scary? The most these things can do are scry at later levels. Any help please.


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