Race Creation question?

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So when creating a Race in Pathfinder in the Ability Score Modifier Quality section you have the following Options:

Advanced (4 RP)

Flexible (2 RP)

Greater Paragon (2 RP)

Greater Weakness (–3 RP)

Human Heritage (0 RP)

Mixed Weakness (–2 RP)

Paragon (1 RP)

Specialized (1 RP)

Standard (0 RP)

Weakness (–1 RP)

Now my question is as follows:
A Friend of mine thinks that you can't have two Modifiers that affect the same ability score but I have read nothing that states that or otherwise. I am curious because I am creating a race and I want to give them both:

Flexible (2 RP)

Modifiers: Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to any two ability scores.


Weakness (–1 RP)

Modifiers: Members of this race gain a +2 bonus to one physical ability score, a +2 bonus to one mental ability score, and a –4 penalty to any other ability score.

I also want to give them the Ability Score Racial Trait:

Advanced Constitution (4 RP)

Members of this race receive a +2 racial bonus to Constitution.

So in all I want to give them the Stats:

Weakness (+2 Dex, +2 Chr, -4 Con) (-1RP)

Flexible(+2 Str, +2 Con) (2RP)

Advanced Constitution (+2 Con) (4RP) 


Base Speed: Fast (1RP)

Natural Armor: +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC (2RP)

Improved Natural Armor: Additional +1 Natural Armor bonus to AC (1RP)

For a total of (9RP)

And a final stat modifier of (+2 Dex, +2 Chr, +2 Str)

So to simplify my friend says I can't use Flexible and Adv. Con to cancel out the -4 Con from Weakness. I don't see why this should be a problem since I am using RP to buy these and I am staying within the RP limit.


  • When picking qualities you can only pick one from each category. Specifically for Race you pick Type, Size, Speed, Ability Score Modifier and Language.

    "Step 2: Racial Qualities

    The next step is to choose your race’s qualities. You must select an option from each of the following quality categories. Qualities or aspects of qualities often serve as prerequisites for racial traits."

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