Pathfinder playtest SRD is missing spells

I did a little footwork and generated a list of the spells that are missing. I would add some of these spells to the SRD, but it doesn't seem as though page editing/creation is open to users.

Missing spells:
etherealjaunt spellturning spellwrack spiderclimb spidersting spiritblast spiritualepidemic spiritualguardian spiritualweapon stabilize status stinkingcloud stoneskin stonetell stonetoflesh stormofvengeance suggestion summonmonster summonnature’sally sunburst synapticpulse synesthesia talkingcorpse tanglefoot tanglingcreepers telekinetichaul telekineticmaneuver telekineticprojectile telepathicbond telepathy teleport timestop tongues touchofidiocy treasure treeshape treestride trueseeing truestrike vampiricexsanguination vampirictouch veil ventriloquism vibrantpattern visionsofdanger volcaniceruption warpmind waterbreathing waterwalk weakeningground weaponofjudgment weaponstorm web
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