Many Problems

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Good morning to all, I am new to this forum, but a regular reader and role player; I have some questions and
 I would like to think that in this place I will be able to evacuate those doubts, a few days ago I was invited to play a PF 
campaign, it is the first time I play it so I put together something quite simple and try not to disturb my team while 
analyzing a little more the game and my companions.
The problem is as follows, 

1st - Use of "optional" rules (if you use magic, psionics, etc. that deals damage you must 
make a dice roll of 1d20 + your key skill (Int, Wis, etc) against the salvation of the opponent to see if you hit a hit 
(this applies to any spell that deals damage, even if it's a fireball or a magic missile), I'd like to know where I can read 
those rules to better understand them.

2 ° My colleagues (now lvl 7) I think they have optimized their characters but I do not see coherence in how they have 
achieved it, I cite examples; a druid or invoker (I still do not know) that summons orcs of fire, nagas of electricity with 
a duration of hours in some case and in turn has skills in archery at the level of a good warrior (it is orc so the dexterity
 bonuses by race they do not count), an Elf who is fighting with a big sword makes his standard attack and adds an elemental 
attack (for the moment I have seen 7d6 damage shots to which he adds 10.20 or 30 more points per se) and doing these things 
all the times a day that you have enough desire, and we talk that this added to an AC of 29, high saves of salvation and 
maximized skills, the worst is that the DM takes this as something normal and does not ask where all this comes from;
 This is complemented by a Gunslinger who performs all his attacks as touch attacks, not counting the points of sand or the
 necessary distance increments and that being with full coverage (tower shield) according to the attack impacts equally.

I would like to know if these things are possible and if you can tell me where to gather this information to read it, 
thank you very much.
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