Weapon Proficiency problem

Hi guys!
With my team, we having a discuss about martial feat:

I'm a dwarf Druid.

If i equip a Dwarven Waraxe AND a Throwning Axe, can i need only 1 point in Martial Proficiency (axes) or i need 2 point (Waraxe AND Throwning axe) ?

I don't need to Throw the axe, i want to use all 2 in meele.

Thanks for help!



  • For a Dwarf, "treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon". You will only need to take Martial Weapon Proficiency  (Combat Feat) once and choose the Throwing Axe since as a Racial you have proficiency with the Dwarven Waraxe.
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