Character sheet I made for my Pathfinder gatherings: colorful, simple, automated

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Simple, colorful, mostly automated. Nothing too advanced, but you can add whatever you need by using it as base and building on top of it. Mostly made for new-ish players, or for players wanting a base charsheet to build upon. Main screen and Skills screen are narrow, so they only take up 1 half of your screen during play.


Sheet itself:


  1. Open the link

  2. Create a copy for yourself

  3. Rename, change white cells to values you need.

  4. Try to not change anything non-white, unless you're certain that it needs changing.



  • Couldn't you simply make the spreadsheet file downloadable?
  • Your character is medium sized, but the sheet is picking up the small-size damage column. Either making it just one column (which would make sense if you're not going to build some huge reference table), or making it pick up the correct column seems like a good idea.
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