some 3PP pages still not marked

5eSRD is MUCH better than it was a few months ago. Most of the 3PP content is now explicitly marked.

Pages with SRD and 3PP content intermingled or unmarked (this is THE WORST):
  • /gamemastering/insanity
  • /gamemastering/monsters-foes/monster-templates
  • /gamemastering/monsters-foes/monsters-by-cr
  • /gamemastering/monsters-foes/npc
  • /gamemastering/poisons
  • /gamemastering/rituals
  • /gamemastering/scars-and-wounds
  • /gamemastering/tomes-of-mad-science
Pages that need to be marked as 3PP in titles and/or URLs (this is BAD):
  • /equipment/equipment-of-quality
  • /equipment/special-foods
  • /equipment/trade-goods
  • /spellcasting/alternate-magic-rules
  • /gamemastering/5th-edition-options
  • /gamemastering/called-shots
  • /gamemastering/chirurgery
  • /gamemastering/haunts
  • /gamemastering/hypertech
  • /gamemastering/magic-items/*
  • /gamemastering/monsters-foes/npcs-or-classed-monsters
Tables of Contents that intermingle SRD and 3PP content (this is INCONVENIENT):
  • /spellcasting
  • /gamemastering
  • /gamemastering/monsters-foes

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