RAGE how?

new player new to PF1... basic barb. Lvl 2 .. 16 str /14 con/16 dex/ 12 all else...   would someone please explain how a rage should work with and without Power Atk rage power...   me and my DM were miles apart now I know better than accuse a DM of not knowing his game but I would like a nonbiased opinion of the adds and dmgs applied...here is how I saw it  weapon great ax @ 1d12 no special mods anywhere ...condensed formula:per PF1 : 

Base Rage:( ATK +7  ( AC down 2, HP up 4 @ LVL 2 ))....PWR ATK  ( -1Atk +2Dmg +1.5xStr Mod  )no Rage Pwr in use...

Combo= rage & Pwr Atk...=(Atk +6,+2Dmg+1.5xStr Mod) (AC-2,HP+4)...
@ LVL2 + 2HD GrtT AXE= (Atk +6 , 1d12 +9Dmg)  why>  per Rage+4 bonus Str & Con...so STR 16 is 3 bonus add 4 makes
7 total sub 1 for PwrAtk = +6  ......   3+4+2 bonus Dmg .... or 16+4= 20 = +5 x1.5=7.5 RD Down 7 +2 Pwr Atk....

where am I wrong...  his (DM) was so different I didnt get his formulas ....  help


  • REALLY hope someone with (EXP. Large)  Will comment...
  • can someone tell me of a popular RPG fourm.?
  • I am surprised an admin has not added or had a another add something?
    thank you ... Goodbye
  • The fact of the matter is, it is the DM's decision unless they say they are open to third party arbitration. So accept your DMs interpretation.
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