P1 Character Sheet (alpha testers, anyone?)

Working on a web-based Pathfinder character sheet (1E). In a "near-alpha" state, and I'm looking for a few curious souls to review and provide feedback. In particular, what functionality is lacking to make this a "minimum viable product" for use during a campaign.


Considered skipping straight to P2, but without a campaign to test it in I thought it made more sense to get a P1 version working first.

This is not intended to be a commercial product. It's a "just for fun" project.



  • I will participate 

  • On first look I do not see a place to list Feats. 
    I think it more useful when listing Skills to organize the list by Attribute with Skills as subheadings. 
  • I like the idea of reorganizing skills by attributes.  Perhaps I will make that an option.  "Feats" can be implemented as either buffs (if they result in a numeric change to some aspect of the sheet) or notes (if they don't).  I'm not delighted with this design since it isn't intuitive, but I've not come up with anything better yet.
  • Quite a few enhancements made with an eye towards tablet-friendliness. (Still completely ineffective from a phone-sized device.) Also now has spell support.

    I'd say this is "usable beta" state, as it is now being playtested in two campaigns. Still interested in feedback, for anyone so inspired.

  • Character sheet now supports sharable links viewable by folks not signed up to use the tool.

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