Oracle of the Wind.

This is a cool class that I just found and am trying out a build on. The only thing is I am not very familiar with the cleric spell list. Any suggestions on what spells would be great for an Oracle with the Wind mystery? My DM is letting us build a 15th level character right off the bat. 


  • If you want to discuss character builds the forums get a lot more traffic. 

    Anyway, the best spells depend a bit on what you're building towards. If you're starting at 15th level your main choices are a pure spellcaster using save or die/save or suck spells, or a melee type who buffs up with lots of spells.

    A pure spellcaster will probably want to use the spell perfection feat along with quicken spell, persistent spell and one more metamagic feat. That limits them to a 5th level spell as their spell perfection option, or 6th with a trait to reduce the cost of metamagic on it. Good 6th level spells to specialise in include chains of light, good 5th include major curse. The wind oracle 6th level spell sirocco can work with metamagic rider effects too.

    Going for melee note greater magic weapon, magic vestment and protection from energy as long-term buffs, and either divine vessel or frightful aspect and maybe quickened divine power as your best combat-time buffs. 
  • I know this is late, but thank you for responding.  It does help a lot  to know how the oracle uses spells.
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