A character under hast effect, can you cast a spell and perform an attack?

A character under hast effect, can you cast a spell and perform an attack with a natural weapon or any other weapon?
In the group i play in,  we have a sorcerer and shaman.

First time - the Sorcerer cast HAST and buff all the team.

Second time - the Shaman, under hast effect, cast PRODUCE FLAME, now he can strike an opponent with a melee touch attack, dealing fire damage equal to 1d6 + 1 point per caster level (maximum +5). But, under hast effect, he can cast PRODUCE FLAME and realize a Melee Touch in the same round?

I believe that the full attack effect will only work from the next turn, when his hand is already enchanted, but I'm not sure.

If the effect is valid in the case described (SECOND TIME), then a character could enchant a weapon and attack if he was under the effect of Hast. And that doesn't seem right.



  • The first question is whether produce flame is a touch attack spell. That's a term used by the rules - it probably is, but since produce flame is an old spell the wording isa bit different to most touch attack spells.

    Assuming it is, then immediately after casting a touch attack spell you can make one attack with the spell as a free action. That's true with or without haste. Then you can make one attack per round with it as a standard action, with or without haste. No full attacks allowed.

    If on the other hand your GM doesn't accept this as a standard touch attack spell, then you don't get a free attack with it in the round the spell is cast - with or without haste. The round after, the caster of produce flame can make a standard action to attack once, or make a full-round action to attack as many times as their base attack allows, +1 time for haste.

    BTW I suggest asking rules questions elsewhere, perhaps on the forums at paizo.com as there's very few people reading these forums or answering questions here.
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