The sadistic Necromancer

I am working on a full build (level 20) for a necromancer and need some suggestions. Using pathfinder 1e and anything on the pazio website.
I had an idea to build a necromancer who raises, or invokes their enemies dead loved ones. He enjoys watching their pain as they try to fight those closest to them. I am not sure if he should be a full necromancer or use some illusions to make them think that they really are fighting their loved ones. 
Race is elf (open to negotiations) and using a high point buy system. 


  • Illusions is a cool idea, but only works once. 

  • I thought that too. But the other problem that I have come across is if he is a necromancer more true to name, he has to have dead bodies near him to use, and unless he does some serious behind the scenes work, there isn't really a way for him to raise the dead loved ones of his enemies to use against them. I was thinking that maybe he might have a way of using phantom killer to make them see a zombified loved one attack them, or mind-reading/some sort of mind control that might force them to think that they are fighting the dead. 
    I figured all of his other spells might center around debuffing his enemies as a way to weaken them and make them more susceptible to his illusions of mind-altering spells.
    I'm just not as familiar with the different spells, classes, and archetypes that are out there, as others might be. And I was wondering what others thought might work as a solid fighting style for a PC.
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