Minor Discrepancy Error

Sorry if I do this wrong, it's my first foray into the forums.
So I was looking at the Gorgimera and the 3pp Metallic Gorgimera. The Special Attacks box labels their Gorgon-based petrification breath as a range of 30ft, but the Gorgon breath description at the bottom of the page declares the range as a 60ft cone like a normal Gorgon. I fully believe the real range is the upper 30ft cone, but I do think the lower segment should be corrected for cohesiveness.


  • Thanks for noticing. Fixed!
  • I seem to have found another issue. In the 3pp Elemental Fiends, all four of them, the Earth/Water/Fire/Airfiend are all missing their attack bonus to hit for all of their melee attacks. I'm putting this here because I know you might be able to assist if this is an error.
    They all have STR 18, so +4, and a BAB of +8, +1 for Weapon Focus, So i believe it should be a +13 to hit in melee.
  • This should be fixed now!
  • You're awesome! If I keep finding errors like that, you'll be the first guy I come to.
    How many editors are there on this site?
  • I'm the owner and primary editor/content adder. There are other editors but 98+% of the content was added/edited by me. However, you'll find a better place to report issues here: https://mantis.opengamingnetwork.com/report/
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