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Hi, everyone! I'm Chris, the developer behind the dice roller/probability calculator app. Thanks for helping us test this out.

This is a test of not just the app, but also our processes and infrastructure behind testing/releasing apps, so please bear with us while we figure it all out.

After we give people enough time to sign up for the beta (I'm thinking a week or so), we'll have more instructions on how to access the app itself.

As for the feedback we're looking for, that includes:
  1. Access. Can you find/access the app? Does it recognize whether you're logged into OGN or not?
  2. Bug reports. Does the app actually work? Do certain things work on your desktop, but not your phone? The more detailed you can be as to what you were doing, the better.
  3. Ease of Use. It takes a lot of development time to add in-app tutorials, and I'm hoping that the UX is relatively intuitive. I'll probably need to add help threads to applicable forums, but having been so close to the app for so long, I'm probably the worst person when it comes to realizing what needs to be explained and what doesn't. I'm going to attempt this strategy--the questions the testers ask the most are probably the most important ones to answer at first.
  4. Willingness to Pay. We're currently planning on making these apps available via subscriptions. And some apps will have free functionality, with some hiding behind the paywall. Donations to the OGN Patreon are a separate thing, so if people would like to support the apps/see more of them, this is how it would happen. For the dice roller app, how much would you be willing to pay? If you wouldn't be willing to pay, what features would the app need before you were?
As for the dice roller app, there are four screens. (I'm not necessarily going to tell you where they are because of the strategy in Item 3 -- I'm trying to gauge how discoverable the functionality is on its own.)

The first is a dice rolling screen where you can roll 3-D dice, as well as choose what kind of dice, how many to roll, and what modifier to add/subtract from the total. If you forget your dice bag at home, this is a workable substitute. This will likely be a free feature. (No promises.)

The second is a probability calculator that calculates the overall chance of success for both d20 rollover linked rolls and dice pool mechanics. It can also automatically generate target DCs and dice targets for easy/normal/hard/angry GM difficulties. This is more for GMs who have to generate ad hoc challenges, and will likely be a paid feature.

The third is the settings screen where you can switch between light and dark mode, as well as change the colors of the dice being rolled.

The fourth is an about page, which tells you more about me, the app, and where to log bug reports (once we get the forum and threads up and running).

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to working with you.


(EDIT: Just to head off any potential future problems, because lawyers, this beta testing is unpaid and by giving us any feedback/suggestions, you're also giving us permission to use that feedback/suggestions however we see fit.)
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