Grim Reaper Page - Wrong Stats

I was browsing the Grim Reaper page and I noticed that some stats are inconsistent with the description:

"A grim reaper is 15 feet tall and, as an incorporeal creature, has no physical weight except for its equipment."

It should be a Large Undead (Scythe damage should be increased from 2d4 to 2d6 and -1 to AC because of size) and Incorporeal (Deflection Bonus to AC based on charisma and all the immunities that come with the Incorporeal Subtype).

Can someone update it?


  • It's actually technically not the wrong stats. The issue is both the Bestiary 5 and and the Carrion Crown Book 6 stat blocks were combined into one.

    The Bestiary 5 stat block is a medium undead and CR 22. The Carrion Crown Book 6 stat block is a large undead and CR 20. The CR 20 version also has deflection for being incorporeal but the CR 22 version has a profane bonus.

    Both stats should be uploaded and put into separate links.
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