Pathfinder API

I am working on my own program to track encounters. As such I want to be able to let the computer figured out buffs and conditions for me automatically, be able to bring up spell details quickly, and the like. However, as anyone may guess, I have to pull data from the d20pfsrd site manually and it can be a lot of work!

This got me thinking - is the an API available for the data on the d20pfsrd site I could use to just pull current data and work with it? I have fumbled around and noted a post from 2006 about an API but since then I have only found some home-brew API people started but never finished... 

So... is there something out there I could use or am I just out of luck? Let me know!



  • Hi there :)

    We're currently working on making an API available - this will start on 5esrd as that's simpler to work with, but PFSRD is likely to be next on the list.

    If you'd like to join the mailing list so you can keep up to date on discussions with how to use it and when things become available, please send a mail to
    (and obviously anyone else reading this is welcome, too!)
  • All signed up - thank you!
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