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Unclear what to name this thread, just thought I would let people know that I am (slowly) going through classes that have features that add spells to spell lists, and adding this information to the spell blocks. So far I have completed this for Oracle Mysteries.

I have no intention for doing this for any non-Paizo published materials.

So, if you happen to be looking into any Paizo Oracle Mysteries and you notice an issue, let me know.

I'll update this thread with the other classes as I do them. Sorcerer bloodlines are next on the list.


  • SWEET! Thanks!
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    So, getting about halfway through Sorcerer Bloodlines, I realize there are a couple intertwining formatting inconsistencies.
    a) It seems that many of the first spells on the SRD (the ones from core) have the syntax:
    Domain [Subdomain] example [test] 1
    b) It also seems that at some point, this stopped being the case, and since then it has been:
    Domain example 1; Subdomain test 1
    c) However, sometimes Domain is present when Subdomain isn't, and vice versa, and in such cases, Subdomain is in the domain spot in the order (see below)
    d) The ordering I have been doing for the space i am editing has been:
    Level; Domain; Subdomain; All Others in alphabetical order. I did this because the other thing present (Elemental Schools were already accounted for before I started this project) followed this rule.

    As such, I have put everything else after domains. Even, as I am now realizing, Bloodlines, which would come alphabetically before Domain, and this was likely the intended layout.

    So. Um. Oops. should I fix this, or leave it and continue as I have been?
  • At this stage, it's kinda up to you whichever you think is better. If it's a ton of work don't worry about fixing it.
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