The Avowed, PF Warlock conversion

For many years now, I've been using and playing Forestfire Studios Avowed, a Warlock conversion to Pathfinder 1e, and would absolutely love to see it added to the site.

I've been using these resources directly from the publisher, and from DrivethroughRPG, so I'll leave all the links that I can think of:


  • Adding now!
  • jreyst said:
    Adding now!
    Woot! Thanks!!!
  • I hope that I'm not being disrespectful, as I am very thankful that the Spellburst Savant was added, and I understand that whomever is working on the projects are likely extremely busy, but I was wondering when the Avowed would start to be added?
  • Hey, I was wondering if there were any updates on adding the Avowed?
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