Can we add Dreamscarred Press's Rajah Class & Radiant Dawn Discipline?

So Dreamscarred Press has another initiator class built of their Path of War line. The class is called the Rajah, and the new discipline added with it is called Radiant Dawn (focused on healing and other support roles). Any initiator can swap one of their disciplines for Radiant Dawn, so that's pretty cool.

My question/suggestion: why aren't the Rajah and this discipline on the d20PFSRD? As far as I can tell, the class and discipline were released in 2017 (I even have the PDF it came in, not that it means much, I know). Is there a reason this isn't on the wiki? Is it possible it hasn't actually been officially released yet?

If it's possible to get it both the class and discipline added to the wiki, then I'd love to see it happen (and would even assist/apply to contribute as necessary).

Just curious, confused, and hopeful to get it added.


  • Sure! Right now I've been working on Spheres of Might for and Alien Bestiary for (from Legendary Games.) I'll add these to my queue (unless another site editor wants to work on your suggestion!)
  • Glad to hear it! Was a bit worried for a bit, but it seems I just didn't get the notification for the reply.

    Here is the most recent version of the Rajah (and its archetype the Batal) and the Radiant Dawn Discipline:

    I'd be happy to help with the site editing/contribution, as I've done wiki maintenance before (private wiki for a 4E campaign). If that would be of assistance, please let me know!

    Looking forward to seeing its info up there soon!
  • Was just paging through a character a remembered I posted here. Any news/updates in regards to Rajah and Radiant Dawn?
  • Not yet :neutral: Unfortunately now I'm working on Ultimate Strongholds by Legendary Games lol
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