Vitalist from Dreamscarred press

I play in a game right now where there is a player playing two characters one is a Hospitaler Paladin and the second character is a Vitalist. The player is doing a ton of healing. As I am not GM I not said anything about it but I will be GM the next campaingn.

My question are as follows.

1. if there are 8 characters in the area of a Paladins channnel energy and the paladins healing is 4D6 and to make it easy lets say the channel is maximized. Do characters who have not taken any damage recieve any healing from this channel?

2. If they recieve no healing can the Vitalist still take that healing the character did not get to be given to others?

3. can the Vitalist take healing that a character recievesfrom fast healing?

please sight rules and copy and paste what you are referancing. 
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