Epic Pathfinder

  1. Paizo has not only failed to provide a rule set for continuing play past 20th level, but has actually given up on even trying.
  2. Jesse Jack Jones has succeeded where Paizo faltered. His PDF of Epic Pathfinder is publicly available. And, in fact, it is quite solid. It fixes the flaws of the 3.0/3.5 Epic rules. It is well done, not just when judged as an indie effort -- but by any reasonable standard. (His advancement track is too rapid, but I was able to find no other flaws -- and I'm fairly OCD when it comes to finding flaws.)
  3. Mr. Jones has not successfully promoted his work.
Therefore, I propose that OGN contact Mr. Jones to:
  1. Publish his Epic Pathfinder content in the d20PFSRD.
  2. Publish his Epic Pathfinder, with improved graphics and layout, in a "Deluxe Version" PDF at a reasonable cost.


  • This is an excellent suggestion. We will reach out and see if we can get hold of him :)
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