Tips for a halfling magus build

Trying to plan out a level 3 magus bladebound build using a dex based halfling.  I used the 20 point buy system and so far have 12, 16, 14, 15, 10, 7 as before mod stats.  I read that 2 feats are needed to bring this online and am assuming one is weapon finesse?  Planning on wielding a black blade scimitar.  Is this even viable or does it sound like a pipe dream?  If I read this right, the small size makes this deal 1d4 dmg+mod.  Any advice or should I rethink this?


  • Weapon Finesse doesn't apply to scimitar. (light weapon, elven curve bladerapierwhip, or spiked chain)

    You'll need Dervish Dance (Prerequisites: Dexterity 13, Weapon FinessePerform (dance) 2 ranks, proficient with scimitar.) to apply Dex to attack and damage with a scimitar, and yes you'll be doing base 1d4 with small scimitars
  • Thanks markt    Think I will need to rethink my idea.  I like wacky concept characters over the min/max strategy, but making the character relevant (so I not doing 4 dmg/turn where as other are doing average of 10) will keep me useful to the group.  
  • Sorry but this is up to 5th lvl.
    At 1st lvl  take weapon finesse.
    At 3rd lvl take weapon focus weapon of your choice.
    At 5th lvl take slashing grace.

    This means at 5th lvl you can use dex for attack and damage.
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