Pathfinder 1E Critical hits with expanded threat ranges and interactions with high AC values

I'm trying to figure out if this is an actual rule and if it is ware on d20 is it or in the core book. I was told by a DM friend of mine one time that with a weapon or attack that has an expanded threat range i.e 18/19-20, the nat 20 will always crit but if the character wouldn't normally be able to hit a target with a roll of 18 or 19 for example target ac is 25 and a fitgher has a +5 bonus to hit and rolls a 19 with a bastard sword, the resulting 24 would not hit under normal circumstances there for his expanded threat range does not apply since the only thing he could hit on would be a 20. was this some sort of house rule he was mistaking for a real one or is that actually a thing? if it is let me know a page number in the core book or a link here.


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