Advertisement Placement

Every time I log into the site, there is a pop-up ad that jumps up in the middle of everything.

The ad is usually for something cool.

However, it is always a bad time for me to deal with the add, and the only option is "Don't show this again."

That is horrible. That does a disservice to the user of the website, and to the sponsor of the ad.

I don't have time to deal with the advertisement until I get the information I was looking for, but I DO want to go to the page later, but the pop-up does not leave me in a position to do anything other than hit the button to make it go away.

It would be better if it was a banner ad, or something similar. The current situation doesn't force me to look at the ad., It forces me to disregard it.

To be honest, it makes me like the site less.
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