Chaotic Evil Anti Paladin

Griffith the Level 2 LAWFUL GOOD paladin with 20 charisma clears a small dungeon of goblins with his allies.  After cleared in a room is a warren of goblin infants. With a pure heart he intends to save the infants and raise them as citizens in the nearby town.

Party member Durax the Plated Cleric rushes in and slays the goblins with his goblin hatred.
Noble minded Griffith turns a blind eye and accepts he is part of a company of savages. and continues to adventure.

fast foward to level 8. the party is swimming in money and items from running multiple large businesses.
Griffith has a decent size level 16 leadership score. and followers (just for roleplay, not used in combat)

Griffith decides to found a kingdom with $60,000 GP in a area recently cleared by the party. But because he demands absolute rule, the party disagrees and forces Griffith to go insane and end his Dreams (see: berserk anime english dub on youtube)

now Griffith the Paladin was remade during the down time as a Anti-paladin Chaotic evil named T'Frig Ris. He takes the $60,000 and the Rights to location and Becomes overlord of the a small village regardless of what other party members say..

with the next adventure the DM rolls a random 100 on the encounter roll D100, and a Black Dragon appears
the party readies for combat, but T'Frig Ris had the idea to use my 26 charisma and Maxed level nobility/diplomacy skill to actually talk with the dragon.

the dragon fails his rolls and talks to  the chaotic evil anti paladin

the Dragon says he will allow T'Frig Ris to feed him elves and halflings in exchange for his magiical weapons he has no use for,

but then the dwarf and party starts combats and kills the dragon dealing 200 dmg in one round of combat with ogremaul outflanked crits. we buried the dragon to return back for the bones and scales

now T'Frig Ris, wants to hire a cleric to revive the black dragon as a trophy peice for his town that was founded. He also has the Idea to Feed elf and Halfling Villagers to the Dragon.. 

T'Frig Ris sits alone in the room on the dark throne.. in dark full plate armor+3  with a weighted Greatsword+3(imagery)

the question is.. should/would Good aligned characters have an issue grouping with this Anti-Paladin for adventures out side of non combat related roleplaying?
(Keep in mind that the lawful good paladin endured the heinous murder of goblin infants at the hands of dwarven party memebers)
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