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  • Hi there We're currently working on making an API available - this will start on 5esrd as that's simpler to work with, but PFSRD is likely to be next on the list. If you'd like to join the mailing list so you can keep up to date on discussions wi…
    in Pathfinder API Comment by matt July 2021
  • Please note this is now closed - apologies if you didn't get into the test group.  We'll have more news on the rollout for this soon!  
  • Just to add to this after 18 months! Once our new search system is done (apologies that I can't give an ETA yet, other than "it's on the list"), there will be an option to list excerpts next to the page name.  Usually this will be the first paragra…
  • This is now on the development to-do list.  The revamped system will instead add popups as notifications on the top bar which you can revisit and recall at any time!  I can't give an ETA on this at the moment, but it *is* in the development plan!
  • This is now on the to-do list!
    in "Random page" Comment by matt April 2021
  • This is being worked on as part of the next phase of our login system
  • Hi, There was indeed an announcement at the top of the pages on the SRD for a couple of weeks before it was decommissioned.  @guennarr, I'm working in the background to make a downloadable archive of decommissioned SRDs - there's no ETA on this at…
  • Caught up again on adding beta testers to the beta test group!
  • Added new beta testers! (and still open if anyone else wants in, just post here!)
  • If you've responded, you're being added to the test group now, I'll let Chris do the intro of the app itself
  • And done - the old "-by-type" pages now contains lists of each monster again!
  • Apologies for this.  The process of moving pages was supposed to only take a day, maybe two, at my estimation, but I ran into technical issues that have gotten it stuck halfway through.  I should be finished today, at which point monsters will be br…
  • @nyaera - the ads that get removed are all the third-party ads on our sites (with the occasional glitch as evidenced by happytripper7 that we try to fix asap).  Unfortunately we can't control ads on sites we link to, such as Google.
  • @happytripper7   - taking a look at this for you - can you let me know which web browser you're using, please? (also, I've just given the ad removal script a poke which should make it run a few extra checks, so let me know if that's fixed it for you…
  • Hiya, Unfortunately we don't currently host our own search pages - we simply call Google's custom search, where Google insert ads themselves as they do on any other Google search - Matt
  • Adding this to the to-do list!
  • (moved this to d20pfsrd/pathfinder, if it's for another system please yell!)
  • Oh, and this forum has a mentions feature (@jreyst) to alert people to posts
    in Darkmode Comment by matt June 2018
  • Now added to the to-do list as part of the user customisation features!
    in Darkmode Comment by matt June 2018