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  • Polishing and Template For the actual description, I tried hard to keep with my own advice from the beginning. My hope was the mechanics were cool and the idea was unique. And honestly, a ship in a bottle is a cool real-world item on its own. No on…
  • I thought that what piratej did in his posts over here was really cool, so I decided to do something similar with my bottle of the salvaged wreck. If anyone is reading this for advice for future contests, there are two things that I think are extre…
  • I didn't find role-playing games till early 2016. By the time I found RPG Superstar, it was way too late. I saw Jacob's comments on the forums though, and hoped he'd be able to make something work! I haven't done any kind of freelancing, but a big …
  • I would like to echo jkondrak's questions and also add one. Assuming we submit a villain from a location other than our own, must that location be from a contestant who makes it into Round 3? In other words, will all 15 locations (or 14 if our own i…
  • Thank you all for the feedback!
  • I really want to thank everyone for their feedback! It was a blast designing this item and being a part of the competition. I wanted to compete in RPGSS, but I didn't start gaming until 2016, so I was absolutely stoked to see this one come up!