Draconic Malice

Major debate at our table. Do creatures in the aura get a save against its effects?



  • From my reading, anyone in the aura gets a Will save.
  • the reason i'm asking is because the spell is a personal/target 'you' spell, which is also listed as "harmless"  so, those factors seem to point to the thought that the only person who can get a save against it is the caster.

    technically, the spell doesn't have a 'negative' effect on creatures in the aura, and if i use a spell or ability against them like a fear effect, they get a save against it anyway.

    would be nice if i could get an official ruling
  • Not an expert, more of a novice... but if I'm reading correctly...

    The answer is no. The spell is a self effect. The "Will Save" applies to the creature the spell is being cast on (yourself). I don't know why this is here, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was in case you were being controlled by another creature, to demoralize your own party.

    The aura is constant for the range given. Like a damage aura, creatures don't get saving throws against the aura while they are in it, because the spell wasn't cast on them. Think of it like an environmental hazard, like lava.

    The creatures affected can still attempt saving throws against the follow up-spells they were previously immune to. Basically, those spells will only affect them as if they were not immune, which means normal saving throws from the effects of those specific spells still apply.

    The aura isn't damaging, and the aura doesn't change mental state on it's own. It just modifies the established rules of the encounter. Because it doesn't directly affect enemies, it seems perfectly normal that it has no saving throw.
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