Mystic Theurge Combined Spells

I'm working on taking Mystic Theurge and my DM and I are confused about this class ability "combined spells". I am a Sorcerer/cleric, so I have prepared and spontaneous casting slots.

"Spontaneous spellcasters can only select spells that they have prepared that day using non-spontaneous classes for this ability, even if the spells have already been cast. For example, a cleric/sorcerer/mystic theurge can use this ability to spontaneously cast a bless spell using a 2nd-level sorcerer spell slot, if the character had a prepared bless spell using a 1st-level cleric spell slot, even if that spell had already been cast that day."

Does this mean I am unable to cast sorcerer spells using 2nd level cleric slots? And if I am able to cast for example magic missile (1st level sorcerer spell) and spend a 2nd level cleric slot, do I need to prepare this spell or not? Furthermore, if I don't need to prepare magic missile in my 2nd level cleric slot, and I consume the 2nd level cleric slot that previously "contained" a 2nd level cleric spell, can I still use this ability to cast that 2nd level cleric spell as a 3rd level sorcerer slot since it had once been prepared this day (presuming I am at least 3rd level mystic theurge)?

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    The important piece here is the first paragraph:

    A mystic theurge can prepare and cast spells from one of his spellcasting classes using the available slots from any of his other spellcasting classes. Spells prepared or cast in this way take up a slot one level higher than they originally occupied. This ability cannot be used to cast a spell at a lower level if that spell exists on both spell lists. At 1st level, a mystic theurge can prepare 1st-level spells from one of his spellcasting classes using the 2nd-level slots of the other spellcasting class. Every two levels thereafter, the level of spells that can be cast in this way increases by one, to a maximum of 5th-level spells at 9th level (these spells would take up 6th-level spell slots). The components of these spells do not change, but they otherwise follow the rules for the spellcasting class used to cast the spell.

    Basically, yes you can prepare a 1st-level sorcerer spell you know with a 2nd-level cleric spell slot and so on, as long as you meet the level requirements for the PrC. It is prepared as a cleric spell, not cast spontaneously.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you must first prepare cure light wounds as a cleric spell before you can cast it spontaneously using a 2nd-level sorcerer spell slot.
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  • Excellent explanation thank you!!
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