disease anthrakitis

What is the cure for the  disease anthrakitis because  on it page it just says" - "


  • The "-" area you're referring to usually lists the number of consecutive saves required to recover from a disease on your own. For example, Blightburn Sickness lists it's cure as "2 consecutive saves" to recover from the disease.

    My guess is that if no cure via saves is listed, the only way to remove the sickness is with a "Remove Disease" spell. If you or a party member are particularly high level, "Wish" and "Miracle" spells can work as well. Because of the potency of Anthrakitis (at least the way it's described on it's page), simply dying and being resurrected WILL NOT cure you of this disease.

    If you're strength continues to drop from the disease, you will eventually die. I'd recommend immediately finding a player or NPC capable of healing you. Is there a church nearby you can ask for help? Be sure not to wander too close to party members, as you risk spreading it to them as well.
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