Can the spell Summon Weapon create Technological Weapons

I have a player in my campaign that wants to use this spell to create weapons from the technological weapons type. I personally don't think it should be able to but will allow it if it is a legal target as there are easy enough ways to counter the spell.


  • This is kind of outside my limited expertise, but I'd say it depends on what they're making, and whether it breaks the continuity of the game world you've established. If you're in a medieval setting and he wants to summon a technological sword, it'd be weird, but ok, since it's still just a sword, has no other abilities, and the stats are the same as a normal sword. If anything, the other characters would just say "That's an... interesting sword..." and write it off as a unique aesthetic. A sword is a sword, no matter how weird it looks, and all player characters and npcs can identify with that.

    If he decides to summon a laser gun, then no, I wouldn't allow it, even if he had the ammo for it for some reason. The appearance of something like that would make heads explode. It's not a design that should ever exist in that type of environment, because guns aren't a thing... let alone laser guns.
  • The spell can make technological weapons as per the description.

    This spell summons one melee or ranged weapon (but not ammunition) of your choice. This weapon appears in your hands. The weapon is typical for its type and appropriate for your size. Only one weapon appears per casting, and only you can wield it. If you set it down or hand it to someone else, it vanishes as soon as you release it from your grasp. You can’t summon a weapon too large to be held in your two hands.

    But for a medieval setting how would they know about them in the first place.
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