Pathfinder: Can one skill act to mod another?

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Just an idea which occurred to me. 
I have an Elvish Bard I am just starting out to play. This bard uses his disguise skill regularly to try and look like a Half Orc. He applies a little tint to his skin to make it look like he is trying to cover up grayish-green skin tone and wears an insert in his mouth to make it look like he is trying to cover a slight tuskiness. He also employs orcish words or accents in his speech.
SO the question is, if he makes a successful Disguise check, should he receive the +2 Intimidate bonus a Half Orc would get, while dealing with someone he has fooled into believing he is a Half Orc?


  • This is a prime example of when a GM should provide a circumstance bonus. By default and RAW no, a successful disguise check would not provide you the racial abilities of a particular race. 
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