Hamatulatsu Monk, Error on Archetype Chart?

Posted it here because I'm not sure whether I'm right or not. We're going to be looking at Hamatulatsu Master and Scaled Fist Monk Archetypes.

Scaled Fist adds a few extra feats to the "Bonus Feats" ability for Monks, including the Dragon Style feats. In the Archetype chart on the Monk page, these are listed as "C", or "Changes" to the Bonus Feats ability. I want to specifically point out that Scaled Fist only ADDS feats, it does not remove any.

Hamatulatsu Master, on the other hand, REPLACES the Bonus Feats listed in Monk with new feats. Some of these feats are the same as the originals, but the fact remains that several feats are COMPLETELY REMOVED from the Bonus Feats ability. However, under the Archetype chart, Hamatulatsu Master doesn't have any modifiers listed next to the Bonus Feats. Not a "C" for Changes, nor a "X" for Replacement.

I was setting up a new character and was thinking about taking both of these Archetypes together until I noticed they both modified the Bonus Feats. It should also be noted that it does NOT state on the Hamatulatsu Master page that the HM Bonus Feats replace or modify the Original Bonus Feats, like it does on other pages. This may be why it isn't reflected on the Archetypes chart.

Anyways, take a look.
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