Demon campaign class suggestions

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I plan on playing some sort of celestial being but I'm not sure what class would be most effective against demons. My personality doesn't fit well with a paladin or I would snatch that class up fast. So I'm looking for suggestions on what i should play 


  • There are evil clerics. Clerics just dedicate themselves to a god. It can be an evil on.
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    Which system?

    (If Pathfinder:)

    Being a celestial being:

    Cleric, oracle, warpriest, paladin or sorcerer/wizard with abjuration focus work well against outsiders. Inquisitors and rangers with demons as favored enemy work too.

    (By the way: I think this is the forum category for suggestions concerning the OGN sites, posting it in the category for your system would clear up some confusion...)
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  • Yes pathfinder sorry about the confusion. First time using a forum honestly. I think I may use ranger are there any alt classes for ranger that may work better in a demon campaign?
  • Well, there's this archetype:

    You'd get a boosted favored enemy against demons and the spells which make the other divine classes better at demon-slaying.
  • Not sure if third party is an option, but Radiance House has the Foe Reaper, a Ranger Archetype that get's Favored Enemy equal to your bound spirits enemy, binding Ubro get's you Favored Enemy (Any Evil). Oh, and a bit Channel Energy (semi-) at will. A bit OP maybe, but in my eyes the Ranger deserves all the help he can get.

    Also, for Ranger there's an Alternate Class, the Spell-less Ranger from Kobold Press, which can be a lot more effective than the base class for certain builds. Not Archetype-compatible, although in it's source book there are some options to modify it, like exchanging Favored Terrain or extra favored enemies for more combat-style feats and such.
  • It sounds like you want to play a Paladin, but just the Lawful Good thing doesn't work for you. If that's the case, there are archetypes that lift or reduce that restriction like the Gray Paladin or the Vindictive Bastard Ex-Paladin. Check those out.
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