Station on the Borderworlds

I thought I'd pop in to post a quick note about Station on the Borderworlds.

I had low expectations for Station on the Borderworlds. It seems like everyone is publishing for StarFinder these days and the average quality level has been less than stellar. In addition, I'm pretty negative towards StarFinder because of the setting. So here's an adventure module for StarJammer. Now that seems interesting. It's an homage module to the D&D Basic Set module The Keep on the Borderlands. I'm not a fan of homage writing, but I figured I'd slog ahead and see how the author did at his craft.

Wowza. After not being impressed with the concept, I must give the author (Michael Ritter) 10 out of 10 for implementation. This is a very well built combination campaign setting and adventure module. The station is well documented and interesting. The other planets in the solar system seem queued to provide high adventure in the (hopefully inevitable) sequels. This is a solar system where an adventurer could build an empire.

The action on the surface below is compelling without railroading the players. The innocents deserve saving and the bad guys deserve to be sent to meet their dark gods.

It's a 10/10 for the Campaign Setting and 10/10 for Adventure Module. Production quality (font, layout, art) were also excellent.


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