Why Design Finder?

I find myself curious about the other contestants, why did you enter Design Finder?
As a lark? To try to get into the industry? Are you already in the industry and trying to get more exposure? Are you a secret time traveller searching for a way home?  :p

For myself, I came across Design Finder after a period of several months contemplating the idea of getting into tabletop freelancing and it seemed like a very providential way of testing the waters. Probably sparked by the great experiences I've had GMing a few of my wacky games at PAX Aus over the last couple of years.

So, what about you?  :)


  • Would love to hear everyone's answers.
  • I've done a little bit of freelancing, and was interested in the exposure. I did starfinder a few times before I'd gotten into the swing of things and found that I usually over-reached with my item concepts, and was interested in seeing how I'd do with something a bit more sedate. 

    I have to say, I love having the opportunity for feedback. Even in the stuff I've turned over professionally I havent usually seen anything like the feedback I get here.
  • I'm a big fan of Pathfinder RPG. I enjoy writing, editing, or just about any creative work. I miss RPG Superstar. I have a competitive streak and enjoy challenging myself.

    Put that all together and it was a no-brainer.

    My goals in freelancing are somewhat modest (volume-of-work-wise anyway), but the potential exposure was a small part of the draw for me, too, and I agree with nykidemus regarding the opportunity to get feedback — hard to pass up.
  • I've been developing my own world over the years, evolving from 2nd ed. to Pathfinder. I've not really designed magic items. I wanted to try to see how I do. Although I didn't make the first cut, I did get some feedback, and that is good, and it got me interested in developing magic items for my world. I have a bunch, but am working on more. Some, I think, are more interesting than the one I submitted. I think that comes with practice and time. So, not so much as a lark, but as a "push" for myself. I hope there is another one next year...or sooner.
  • I didn't find role-playing games till early 2016. By the time I found RPG Superstar, it was way too late. I saw Jacob's comments on the forums though, and hoped he'd be able to make something work!

    I haven't done any kind of freelancing, but a big part of why I play is that I need a creative outlet. Even during my long stretches of not playing I would write down adventure ideas and plan things out in my head. What I've been really hoping for is the chance to learn and improve, but I also love the idea of contributing to the industry. It's also fun to be competitive.
  • Like chris_harrell, for me it's mostly a creative outlet. I like coming up with interesting tactics, strategies, and unusual uses for existing items and spells. I often have a dozen item or spell frameworks and ideas, but having to actually streamline, polish, and put it into word and standardized format for a contest/project helps it become more real, like creating life or even just creating a small piece of potential energy that opens up options and ideas in someone's campaign or character that might never have existed before.
  • I was interested in RGP Superstar like others here. I would never prioritize the entries and would miss the deadlines. Eventually they stopped doing it and my "well there is next year" attitude didn't work. This contest game me a chance to iron out details for the item I've had bouncing around for years.
  • For me it's a chance to grow as a DM and get a chance to contribute to the greater RPG community. I have been running games for years but always making content for a small group of people. This seemed like a great way to work on making something that might reach a larger audience. Not sure if I will continue to advance but either way Its been a great experience and I have learned a ton. It has been particular interesting to learn about professional game design and what considerations designers make as they build out adventures.
  • I know I had many of the same thoughts shared here when I went through RPG Superstar. It's good to see that Design Finder is still carrying that torch and inspiring the same things.
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