kineticist and dexterity

since a kineticists blasts and talents are natural weapons, weapon finesse would work with these, wouldn't it?


  • Kinetic blade/whip can be a "light" weapon so you can finesse them.
  • I would argue no - a kinetic blast is a specific action, not an attack with a natural weapon. They are treated as "a type of weapon" for the purpose of Weapon Focus, but they are never specifically called natural weapons. In fact, the text specifically says a Kineticist is never gripping or wielding a kinetic blast, meaning they can't take attacks of opportunity like they could if they were a natural weapon. I don't think anything about a blast qualifies as a natural weapon except, as Mrgreen pointed out, the Kinetic Blade and Kinetic Whip infusions, which create actual weapons.
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