Weird Giant Fire Beetle skill question

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I have a 3rd level character Druid 2, Rogue 1 and was looking at summoning a Giant Fire Beetle as a Nature's Ally. I was looking through the stats and noted the summoned version has a Fly skill of +2

I am wondering how that bonus is calculated? As far as I can tell, the GFB has poor fly (-4 to Fly Checks), Dexterity 11 (+1 to Fly), and Size small (+2 to Fly). They are vermin, so get no skills or feats because they are mindless (INT= NA). So the total for their Fly skill should be -1, as far as I can tell (-4 + 1 + 2 = -1). 

Anyone know a reason for the extra +3 to the Summoned Creature:GFB's stats?

Turns out I was reading the wrong chart, an 11 ability score has no bonus. Which means the Fly should be -2, not +2. I guess this is just a typo?


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    IGNORE THIS ADDED QUESTION, I corrected myself with the bonuses.

    Just realized, the +1 from Dexterity would also add to AC, which is currently 12 (+1 Nat Armor, +1 Size) why wouldn't there also be a +1 from Dexterity?
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