Forum Rules - Please Read

Please read before you make your first post!

  1. Profanity: Strong profanity will be deleted and you will be warned not to repeat. Repeatedly using profanity after being warned will result in banning.

  2. Sexual/Graphic Posts: Do not post or engage in conversations of a sexual or graphic nature. Such posts will be deleted and likely result in banning. This group is for discussing gaming subjects only.

  3. Civility: Be polite! If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything. This is not your private wall, it's a public forum. Obvious trolls will be warned. Continue being belligerent and expect a ban. Do not argue with moderators or other posters. If someone says something you disagree with, or believe to be something a moderator should look at, please flag the conversation.

  4. Picture Posts: Do not make posts that are just a picture, it needs to at least be related to roleplaying games in some way. If you don't have a valid enough post to at least explain the relevance then it wasn't that important.

  5. Edition/System Wars: Do not bash games other people like. Just because you don't like it, or you think it's the worst thing ever to enter this universe, keep that opinion to yourself. Your tastes and mine are not likely to be identical. This leads to unnecessary flame/edition wars.

  6. Advertising: Do not advertise in this group unless you have permission to do so. Advertising includes links to personal blogs wherein you have advertisements. Even if you have permission to post links to your blog(s), if your blog has excessive or aggressive or adult-oriented advertisements (outbrain/pop-up ads etc.) your permission to post links will likely be revoked. Further, you must actively engage in conversations in this group and not just drive-by drop advertisements. Repeatedly doing so will result in your posts being deleted and you may receive a warning.

  7. Politics & Religion: Political or religious posts are not of interest here and will be removed. This isn't a place to discuss politics. If they don't relate to a fantasy god or government then they don't belong here.

  8. If you block an admin you will almost certainly be banned. Don't do it. This is your only warning.

This list is subject to new rules being added as they come up. Please check back at regular intervals.

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