Can you use an Urumi with Whip Proficiency?

I have a Cleric of Calistria who has a favored weapon Whip, so gets Whip Proficiency.  I was looking at the Urumi, which is also called a Whip Sword as an alternate weapon.  I assume since the weapon is a Whip like weapon and is even called a Whip Sword, that you can use a Whip proficiency to use it.  However, my GM says it's an exotic weapon and requires an exotic proficiency.  However, the Whip is also an exotic weapon as well.  The Whip proficiency also covers the Stinging Whip and Scorpion Whip.  Anyone have any rulings on this?


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    I would have to agree with your DM on this one.  My recommendation would be to either cast Bestow Weapon Proficiency on yourself, or take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency Feat if you don't want to take the -4.  The Urumi may be "commonly known as a whip sword", but it is definitely more sword than whip from what information/images I can find of it.  The Stinging Whip is a Channel Foci, and I *DO NOT* want to even touch the issue of what a Scorpion Whip is (I spent seven hours researching that topic all of my nope.)
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