Arcane Sorcerer taking 1 level Oracle?

I am a level 4 Sorcerer.

22 Cha
16 Int
13 Wis
14 Con
10 Str
10 Dex

I am looking at taking 1 Oracle at level 5 with the Lore Mystery & Sidestep Secret Revelation and the  Powerless Prophecy Curse.

Delaying one level Sorc for Cha modifier to AC and Reflex I like. Uncanny dodge with the curse seems like an ok trade-off for the negatives.  I will also end up with a +4 on Initiative when I get 4 more Sorc levels. 

I am just looking for thought on this path. Maybe a different point of view. This is my first character and I am still learning the game.  
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