Elemental Annihilater

I'm in discussions with a colleague of mine concerning devastating infusion.  Here what it says, " A devastating infusion always deals an amount of damage equal to 1d8 + the elemental annihilator’s Constitution modifier, regardless of the annihilator’s class level or use of composite blasts."  Now the kineticist, says its kinetic blast does 1d6 +1 +con every 2 levels for physicals blasts, and for composite blasts 2d6 +2 +con modifier for physical blast, my thought process is that the devastating infusion does 1d8 plus con modifier every 2 levels.  So a 5th level kineticist does 3d6+5+con for a physical blast and for a composite blast 6d6 +6 + con modifier, and for devastating infusion 5d8+ con modifier.  Is this correct?  Please advise, thx
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