Sculpt Corpse for skinning or food

I'm fairing new to Pathfinder. In an encounter, a Kitsune died and after the fight the GM suggested skinning it as the race was really rare in the world. Mitigating circumstances cause the group to leave the body behind.

Would Sculpt Corpse allow me to make a Kitsune corpse copy that can be skinned? Or in a more basic way, could you turn a random corpse into a cow corpse for food and leather?


  • Sculpt corpse: "This spell merely changes the appearance of the corpse." So, if someone sculpted a corpse and failed the save they would be fooled into thinking it was a Kitsune. However, since it only changes the appearance as soon as they ate it they would know it wasn't cow. You can use any meat for food but I would say eating intelligent creatures is an evil act. You can also make leather out of skin no need to change the appearance of the Kitsune to do this however, I would say that skinning a Kitsune is also an evil act.
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