Medium Spirit class feature (as written) is broken

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So this has been bugging me for a while, but the Medium's Spirit (Su) class feature essentially forces the Medium to conduct a seance one hour later every day (if the Medium wants to use a spirit multiple days in a row).

Spirit (Su)
-Each day, a medium can channel a spirit through a ritual known as a seance. Seances take 1 hour to perform...
-At the end of a seance, the medium invites a local spirit to inhabit him and serve as his spirit for that day...
-The medium gains the spirit’s listed seance boon and lesser spirit power for 24 hours...
-After 24 hours, the medium loses contact with the channeled spirit and can perform another seance.

So it goes like this:
8AM, day 1: Medium begins a 1-hour seance
9AM, day 1: Medium finishes seance and gains spirit for 24 hours (explicitly at the END of the seance)
9AM, day 2: Medium waits 24 hours for the spirit to leave and begins the seance again
10AM, day 2: Medium finishes the 1-hour seance, gaining the spirit again

This is a 25-hour cycle, rather than a 24-hour cycle. Very easily hand-waved by any DM who notices, but I know there are plenty of RAW people who would deem this class broken just from this.



  • yeah you're right. I looked for any loophole i could but nope. 
    ...Seances take 1 hour to perform...
    ...At the end of a seance...
    ... for 24 hours...
    ...If the medium loses that 1 point of influence, he loses contact with the spirit, though he is still unable to perform a new seance until the normal 24 hour period has elapsed since his last seance....

    So i guess a Medium technically just doesn't NEED to channel a spirit daily, but could plan it out ahead of time. 

    10pm- begin seance
    11pm- end seance, gain bonus.
    12-8am sleep
    8-11 pm adventure
    12-8am sleep
    8am- begin seance
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