Alright so last session my level 8 cleric got hit with a nasty spell... I effectively lost 3 levels, which applies to my spells/channels DC's, and our sorcerer lost half her strength and is down to around 5 ability score. I have gone cross eyed trying to figure out what I might be able to do counteract the one on me, I know her's I can cast lesser resto. The GM said the only way to let it naturally cure is to rest for 1 hour/level. we basically were busy for a full day and might be able to sweet talk myself into preparing new spells, but there are just so many spells I fear i may have missed something in levels 1-4. I believe the caster was a necro I could be wrong.


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    The GM said to rest.
    So rest. 
    Not sure what the big deal is, unless there is something you have not said 
  • Oops yea I forgot to say we are in the middle of a dungeon of necromancer cultists, so resting for 8 hours in the middle of a dungeon doesn't seem very smart to me. But I got it figured out, forgot I didn't prep all the spells I needed and left 1 of each level open. Going to prepare Restoration.  
  • You are a new player, aren't you?
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