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the page:
This page used to be extremely long as it included the full description of every spell at the end. This has recently been changed, with the "Lists" category being changed to "Database". 

As far as i can tell, there is no long a single page that lists each spells full description. This page was EXTREMELY useful to me as i was able to quickly 'CTRL+F' and search every spell for specific key words. If a page like this still exists then were is it now located? Otherwise, i think adding a page were i can search every description at once would be helpful.


  • That doesn't exist now and likely won't. If there is enough demand for it it could be "re-added" but right now all spells, feats, backgrounds, ancestries, monsters, etc. are (or will) be on their own individual page(s).
  • That's a shame. I hope there ends up being some demand as 1 tab with CTRL+F is worlds better than 80+ tabs open for each page. 

    Don't get me wrong, I like the database page and each spell linking to its own page and am not saying it should be removed, but would be cool if there was 1 more page to allow for searching. 
  • The problem becomes when new stuff is released then we have to maintain two workflows, one to make separate pages and one to continually update one long, long page, that eventually becomes very slow to load and gets penalized by search engines due to load times. There are pages on right now that are like that, that have many, many things on one page, but only because it became too much work to split them out and now those pages are even exceptionally hard to edit because they take so long to load.
  • That's a fantastic point, and i can absolutely see how the 1 large page would be a pain to edit/update.

    Perhaps there is a better solution somehow? To give you an idea of what i am doing, I CTRL+F things like "Slow" or "Cantrip" to be able to quickly flip though spell descriptions. Most of the time I'm after a particular "class" of spell that wouldn't normally merit having a filter tag.

    The only thing i can think of similar to this is the PFSRD's Traits Filter Database page, letting me search names, perquisites, or descriptions for specific key words.
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