looking for class suggestions

joining a new group. apparently homebrew is allowed and I was asked to make something magic punchy.
any suggestions on archtypes? I was kinda wanting to do a kineticist monk archtype but they seem bad.


  • A Magus with the "Kensai" archetype may be a good fit. Magi are a combo of Fighter and Wizard, which means you get a bonus combat feat every few levels along with some basic magical abilities as well.

    Kensai get to choose one specific weapon to specialize in, at the cost of one fewer spell per level. This specific weapon gets some nice bonuses based on your level, automatic Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus, and the ability to max your weapon damage with only 1 point from your Arcane Pool. Most of the class abilities focus on affecting you as a Magus. In particular, Canny Defense will add +1 dodge bonus for every class level you have in Kensai on top of your Dexterity bonus. Needless to say, this is an excellent ability that will make you hard to hit, as long as you don't wear armor.

    If you plan on using Unarmed Strikes, I'd recommend taking 1 level in Monk to get access to Flurry of Blows. This also opens up several Monk exclusive fighting styles if you want to make a unique character (I prefer Pummeling Style). You can also take the "Heavy Hitter" regional trait to add +1 damage to all Unarmed Strikes.

    Kineticists are typically seen as "bad" but don't let that discourage you too much if you want to try one out. You will be underpowered, but I think that experimenting with new character concepts is what makes the game fun. If you want more info on Kineticists, there is a guide called "A Useful Guide for Useful Kineticists" that you can Google, although it doesn't cover the Monk archetype.
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