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  • Thanks for all the info @piratej, very insightful! I COMPLETELY agree with your design intent of creating difficult (I tend to use the word "interesting") choices. Well played.
  • @toni_d I'm just a contestant, but here's my feedback on your item: Feedback for Mask of Greater Standing I can see where you were going with this, it's a cool idea, but I think you needed some more iteration. On first reading your intention didn't…
  • @motteditor thanks for understanding. For now I'll go brainstorm with the others here on the boards and prepare for next year. There will be another competition next year, right? ; )
  • @motteditor thanks for the feedback! The "affect" versus "effect" kills me, because I'm actually usually pretty strong on grammar. Doh! I was focused more on design and forgot to fully proofread. =P I'll keep the "seem" tip in mind. I can see that …
  • @piratej out of curiosity, why are the Strength/Escape Artist DCs different than the Reflex save DC? For entangle the DCs are typically the same. Seems like having 1 DC to keep track of would be easier than having 2. Just my 2 cents. Also, from a de…
  • Didn't make the cut for round 1, but would love feedback on my item to see where I can improve. Thanks all! Temporal Treads Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th Slot feet; Price 26,400 gp; Weight 2 lbs. Description These brown and weathered lea…
  • @piratej would love a deconstruction on your item. Always looking to learn. Will be posting my (non-winning) item for critique to see what I could have done better.